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Led Music Sync Lamp V 3.0. Help with circuit? Answered

The circuit diagram is shown below and the source of where I found it.
Only problem is, I have no idea what values I should use, what vdd, vcc, q1, q2, q3, u1, u2, u3 and where power comes in.

Could somebody tell me vdd and what vcc is?
And perhaps what this guy is using as u1-3 and q1-3?
Plus where the power comes in.
And possibly what resistor values i should use that correspond with:
(5-12 volts your choice) and 3 regular 5mm leds @ 3.3 volts 20ma?

To go above and beyond... you could make an instructable elaborating this guy's design. :D


Thanks man, you were really helpful, I'm starting to read into this stuff and its getting clearer, those sites were helpful after i looked up the "definition" of an Opamp and diff between mosfet and transistor...types too... *headache* Thank you!

Wow thanks! The video poster said that the vdd should be "+Vmax of the op amp I use. I have a 324 opamp. One, would this LM324 opamp work? Two, what's +Vmax? Would NPN or PNP transistors work? Lastly, i use them but I don't know what they are, what is an Opamp? Once again Thanks. I'm gonna have to buy a technical book someday about circuits. (Tomorrow)

Once I know more about Opamps I'll try the better designs you mentioned. Fets... are you referring to MOSFET? I'll have to look into that too. Hehe.