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Led Pool Lights How/Ideas??? Answered

I want to make some underwater LED lights. Any ideas on DIY? thanks



There are a lot of pool lighting ideas which you can use nowadays, especially if you are going to use a professional designer.


10 years ago

why not just use the lights on the outside of the pool. get a light, that shines down in, like most people use on their garage... should only need one, if too bright, put a cover over it, like lamp shade but make it look like a ball, or like a fish or something, like the paper folding the chinese do...


10 years ago

First thing that came to mind: get a LED rope light in the after-Xmas sale, fill it with mineral oil or some other non-conductive liquid, and seal with silicone. If you left the tube filled with air, it would collapse from the pressure when you put it under water, and any sharp bits inside would start poking holes in the tube. By filling the flexible tube with liquid, you can equalize the pressure inside and outside without collapsing the tube. On second thought - I assume rope lights have LEDs in series (anyone know for sure?), meaning you get pretty high voltages from one end to another. For safety, you want to make sure to keep all the LEDs in parallel: 5V in the pool is no big deal, 110V in the pool is a no-no! So get yourself a length of flexible, transparent tubing. Surgical tubing, transparent garden hose, or even a stripped rope light - I'm sure you can think of something. Wire all your LEDs in parallel (ideally, each with its own limiting resistor), and thread them into the tube. Thread a guide wire through first (attach a magnet to the end to guide it along if you have to), then pull the LEDs through using the guide wire. Fill with mineral oil, seal, etc. (make sure whatever liquid you use is compatible with the tubing, and any insulation on the wires).

But in parallel, the current will get larger and larger, especially after 100 or so. Pool water is a great conductor ;-)

Brillaint mineral oil idea, though.

Yeah, I would hope the "underwater lamps" most pools use for night swims are inspected periodically. Can you imagine the pool warming that would occur if the seals leaked ?

put some LED's under water, glue it to the sides, and run some cord around. Make sure no contacts are exposed, they will corode and create hydrogen and oxygen. hook it up to a power supply.