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Led Zeppelin Christmas Medley? Answered

I heard this really neat Christmas song on the radio. It was a medlley of christmas songs and Led Zeppelin songs. I don't know what Christmas songs there were but there were parts of Communications Breakdown, Rock and Roll, and Kashmir. If somebody could tell me who did this and post a video of it I would appreciate it.


Heard it on WDRV Chicago last night. Fantastic!

It's a song called Winter Wonderland/Misty Mountain Hop by a group called Fleming & John, basically a cover of Zeppelin's Misty Mountain Hop rewritten with Christmas lyrics.  Heard it on the radio and had to find it for myself - apparently it's not on any CD but I went on their website and the group just recently posted a download link for that song about a week ago (but i bet the link will expire at some point, so it may not be available for long).  If you want the song, go download it while it's there, it's a great christmas tune!  Here's the link from their site:


Or the direct link to the mp3 for download:


Good guess, but I think the piece they actually heard was "Yuletide Zeppelin" by Mojochronic. Hear that and its sequel here: