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Led driver help. Answered

i want to make a aquarium light unit with 100 cool white 14000k 3w ,DC Forward Voltage 3.4-3.6V ,Forward Current 700mA and 100 Royal Blue DC Forward Voltage: 3.6V - 4.0V  ,Forward Current: 700mA  i want 2 dimmers 1 for whites 1 for the blues, can someone please tell me what divers i need  and how many i need. if imposable links to the driver on ebay.


300W of LED lights ?????

Whilst Steve picks himself off the floor! Why not go for mains LED light that are ready made? 7 watts is roughly = to 33 wats of incandescent light.

I assume your not going to put them in the water.

ready made aquarium light for for a 5ft tank is gonna cost £500 upto well over £1000,

the tank is 5 ft long 2.5 foot high and 2 ft wide, the avg fishtank led light panel is just under 2ft long with 48 leds 3w each so as i was going to add them 2 a 4.5 foot heat sink 200 leds dint sound to many to me.

@Steveastro -- My first reaction exactly.

Unless this aquarium is in the order of 10,000-100,000 gallons, that is enough to start considerably heating a small aquarium.

I'm currently working on an RGB led project that is 45 watts and 90% efficient using about 50 canadian dollars worth of parts. It is too bright to have pointing towards you at 170º beam, 10 meters away.

Long story short, don't design your own driver for high power leds. Get a driver online and wire up your leds accordingly. The drivers are quite efficient (80+%), constant current, dimmable (via pot or external timer circuitry) and you only need a power supply like an old computer power supply (ATX).

Pick one that is suitable (in wattage) to your desired number of leds (remembering leds are SIGNIFICANTLY brighter per watt than halogen)