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Led light on motorcycle wheel / mag / rim ? Answered

Hi, im new member i got here because i am looking for someone who can help me to put a Led light design on my Motorcycle wheel please can anyone help me how to do it, i have 9v battery, switch, cables, led light strips(waterproof) i wan to put cool blue design on my wheel, i am wondering how to do this because if i put it on my wheel, i dunno how to power it or where to put the battery. i want flawlessly spinning the wheel.

This is my MC

This is i want to do: (not my video)

Please, im hoping someone can help me here


simple. Make a power puck. No batteries need except ur bikes 12v. Make a disc. For contact point. Copper is best. I used circuit board with no holes. Cut disc the size of my hub. Placed it in side my hubs. Fabed up a bracket the slips onto my axels. It stays pinched when u tighten up ur axel nuts. A jave a plastic welder where i made a small box that fits inside the bracket. Inside the box i put a carbon brush on a spring. The carbon brush rubs on the contact disc. The spring keeps it in contact. Ran 1 power wire to the brush. Inside my rim hollows i ran all my + /- to all leds. Then grounded - to the rim behind my brake discs. And soldered 1 + lead to the very edge of contact disc. Bam! 12v to tje rim. Just like an alternator and such. Im not going into great detail about the designs and specs but hears a gd way to do it. Easy on off switch on the bike. No weight. No extra batteries no bullshit

I'm guessing it uses a rather simple solution of a commutator to get power from the fork to the hub of the spinning wheel - you don't run something like that form batteries.

American choppers did this in one episode. I don't remember which one or what they did to make it work. See if you can find where you can view them online.

I would consider something like this design first due to balance issues, particularly on a motorcycle wheel.


If you have a single LED on a valve stem cap it will appear as a circle once you get moving.

Put everything on the wheel. Nothing to it really. Just be sure to secure everything to the wheel nice and tight. If your worried about balance issues then be sure to take the wheel in to be balanced once you have everything connected.