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Leds inside your laptop! Answered

so.... i was justs surfing around the site and was astonished by the amount of LED ideas there are.... and then it hit me (no literarily, my brother hit me with his mac book pro) why is it that some laptops get to have their own COOL inner colors.... (aka macs and dell xps)... So heres the idea, how about a DIY about how to place leds inside your laptop., in empty visible spaces, (for example: fan slot, speaker area , under keyboard,.....) and how to make a proper circuit with resistances that can be leeched of battery or some USB... better if they could be controled !! <--- (HA!) I dont know..i just hope someone answers this within a week, or else im gonna have to entrepenour with my laptop!


its do-able. if i had a laptop (hint-hint) i could try it and figure something out.

Here, have mine.

Oh wait, that's hideously unrealistic of me...

Sounds awesome! Maybe light up the keys would be awesomer. :P

it's a great idea.... but it's realy harder than you could expect; you'd have to carve all the key's to make the light come throught then actually put the led's (or what ever you use) beneath the keyboard where they wont bother you. but, lets see how the laptop lights thing works out, then we shall see about the keyboard. XD -cheers


10 years ago

well it is very doable...yeah, and hey! i dont have much practice on computers either... but let's see what happens.... and munchman..... ive got NO idea what scroll lock does (dont use it...). I will just wait for a friend of mine (who has al the right tools for the job) to come back.... but the idea is still going, any tips / ideas will be greatly appreciated (scroll lock idea is great(

Could you wire up some LED's to the Scroll Lock key? I'm thinking Blue. Shame I Don't have a laptop to practice on. What does Scroll Lock do anyway?

And for power... Some laptop hubs have internal ports for keyboard, mouse, wireless etc. See is you could tap into one of those; or piggyback off the already existing led's (power and status lights)