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Leg pain at work Answered

 What can I do to relieve leg pain during work? I stand in one spot all day and my legs hurt(bad) at the end of the day. Different shoes and inserts help but does not get rid of the pain. Any suggestions?


If you want to follow pagan's suggestion and go for some kind of treatment, try inversion therapy. Look up inversion tables and read all the blurb. They are great for pelvis/spine/neck alignment, not to expensive, (especially if you can pick one up on ebay or somewhere else second hand) and only takes a few minutes two or three times a week.
Sorry this sounds like an infomercial, but I got one to treat my back problem and guess what? No more chiropractor visits 3 times a week for 1000 years. I use mine 3 times a week for about 10 mins each time (when my back is sore), and not at all most weeks. It's good for what ails ya!
But seriously ,anyone with a problem should research this, as there is just too much info to write in here.

You may be having a posture or alignment problem which is keeping you off balance.  Out of balance means your legs are straining to keep you up-right.

A chiropracter could probably help with getting you aligned,  regular walking exercise could help with strengthening your legs and increasing endurance.

If you are new to this job you are probably extra tense which isn't helping- if it is not too distracting you could focus on contracting and relaxing different muscles to keep the blood flowing.  (when we had to stand in formation for long periods we would shift weight from one side to the other and we NEVER locked our knees!)

The OR can be a tough environment- hang in there, get some walking in, it will get better with practice.   Good Luck! 


8 years ago

All of these are great answers. I work in a hospital and am unable to use mats and/or a stool. And from the nature of the work, cannot walk around except for maybe a side step or two. Also, squats would not be allowed(sterile fields involved).

(UK based answer)

Talk to the company employee responsible for Health and Safety - they should be able to provide a suitable stool or chair to prevent the pains and allow you to continue working, or arrange regular breaks to move and stretch.

Your employer has a legal obligation to ensure that your employment does not injure you.

Are you standing on concrete if so then you must get a foam floor mat to stand on.  TAking a break and massaging the muscles in your legs may help some.