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Lego CAD software Answered

I just thought that the Lego-ers (?) would like to know about Ldraw, open source CAD software specifically for designing Lego models.

Have a look at this BBC News story to see a chap who built a model of St Pancras' railway station to a scale suitable for minifigs.

Of course, you may not wish to go "open" with your software (I doubt that Ldraw has been as thoroughly debugged as Firefox, for instance), so you may with to use the official Lego CAD software


does anybody of you tried SR 3D Builder before?

web site: http://staff.polito.it/sergio.reano

One note: not so easy to use, but there is a good starting manual.
Don't miss the video to see what you can do
... and it's free!!


what has university of ngeria have to offer ?the answer is so much http://www.unn.edu.ng

not a stolen bit, but the part library that is the same used by MLCad software and probably by Bricksmith also.

any comment are welcome...

now going to sleep


See, MY mommy and daddy loved me very much and got me LEGO Creator for Win98 back when it was new. Always made me wish I had a Destructa Brick for my  real Legos...that and the massive catapult and target that came as a preloaded model.


 I got my copy out of a cereal box - SUCKER!!

There is a god.


Do you feel better if I say it's a lego god? Or if the man is god? Wait no that last one doesn't work...


I'm going Buddhist because of you.

Seems like lego has seen things like that, and started to make their own lego architect sets.

LDD didn't work lats time I tried it, so I'll have a look at this. Thanks