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Lego Knitting Machine Answered

This knitting machine is made entirely of Legos!

Maybe not the fastest way to knit (unless they really slowed down the video), but awesome nonetheless.

Check out the sweet video and other projects they've worked on!

via: Lion Brand Yarn


Very good. Not sure what to make of the Philip Glass soundtrack though...? L

Better than click-clack-scrape.

It would be rather good if the creator could join us.

So I've sent an email.

Greetings Kiteman and thanks for the invite. Are there any questions I can answer?

Is the machine knitting full speed

Yep, that is full speed. It could easily be geared up but I often display the device at engineering and science events where it has to knit for hours at a time. I also kind of like the mellow speed.

Hey, its faster than me lol. Good job, looks cool!

Hi, w/ref my comment (below) would you consider posting a 4x speed video? (just for effect)? L

We'd really love to know how you make your devices - could you consider posting an instructable or three??

In all honesty, probably not. In order to post decent instructions, I'd have to learn lDraw. I've been meaning to do that for years but it never seems to happen. FWIW, the trickiest part on this machine was getting the 4-bar linkage on the needles just right. There are photos of the linkage on my site and the rest should be relatively straight forward to emulate.

Hm, we may have a contest coming up soon that would be a good fit for this project - will let you know when that happens. Might provide impetus for learning LDraw! The Knex kids use a version (MLCad) for their projects, so it's probably not so bad... and there's also the "dismantle and take excellent pictures" approach, which can also work well.

OOOOO Lego contest methinks,

*BRACE* for knex gun overload

Hah! You beat me too it. I've been meaning to send them a hello all morning, I really appreciate it! It's been a very busy day. Thanks a bunch!

That is really elegant.

I can't tell, though, what is actually being knitted?

On their site, their Strandbeest model is quite insectile...

I was trying to figure out the same thing. I watched the video several times and near as I can tell (with absolutely no knitting knowledge or skills), it looks like a tube.

It is a spool knitting type thing

It probably is fast, because if it were running 24/7, it would be knitting while you are: Sleeping, Working, Socializing, and doing other things. You could probably knit the same amount but with less work in the same amount of days.


9 years ago

I would love to see one if these things, neigh... contraptions, going at like 60 mph, simply because it would look cool.

It looks like something Arthur Ganson would build. Although I was a little disappointed that it's not knitting legos ;-)

I hope we eventually get an instructable on this. I want a sock knitter, but the real ones are super expensive, and I've broken two toy ones already. I had figured it would be too hard to make a homemade one, but I hadn't considered Legos...

It seems that the video may have been slowed down, so that you could see how it works?

that's really, really slow!

but since i can't knit, i shouldn't be complaining!


9 years ago

Slow as it is you have to admit its pretty amazing.