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Lego StormRunner game Answered

   Does anyone remember the old game from LEGO, Stormrunner? Where you have to control an RCX to discover what happened to your ship. Well, I just noticed it was kicked of lego.com, and started googling trying to find it. No other site has it, does anyone know where it is.... Or does anyone think that Lego should bring it back?


There is a site dedicated to the archiving and recovery of old Lego games, largely bionicle games and media, but they also try to save other games that Lego no longer keeps. Below are the links for Lego Mindstorms Stormrunner. They have been verified to work, though it is worth noting that the audio logs dont really work anymore due to the old game recalling the .swf files from the game's original server, not the local files on a computer. Regardless, the game does work completely, and you can find all the game's media files included with the download.

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Hey, iv'e been lookin on the internet and i came across a website forum that gave a zip of the game, The only downside is theres missing files, More detailes on my posts there (im Spyro) http://www.rockraidersunited.org/index.php?/topic/369-lego-site-games-as-well/page__st__20?s=238d91ebc722810355287eaa3bf1377b

i recomend Sage-san The Windragon stormrunner game cause it has the intro and ending

 I tried through ie 6 and managed to get it to pass all tests (version checks) and start instalizing, but I think the game was server based and is unable to be found by the web archive. I'm digging through my cache looking for it though.