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Lens Filter Question Answered

I am fairly new to the DSLR world and I like the use of polarizer filters but is a polarizer filter still effective with a UV filter on top of it?

I have it like this so I can easily rotate the polarizer filter


Actually this does pose a problem, when at the minimum focal range you see dark corners on the pictures.

Yes. The polarization state is independent of wavelength.(*) That is, you can filter for wavelength, or polarization, or both, in either order, and you'll get the same final state.

(*) One caveat is that the atmospheric and surface reflection processes which create different polarization states in the first place may have a wavelength dependence. But the filters don't, and the coupling is not an intrinsic property of light, just a consequence of where the light came from.

If the camera in question is autofocus and arent the all these days, you must use a "circular" polarizing filter.