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Less People Answered

In discussions I've had with my father multiple times, we've come to the conclusion that for humans to stop having a negative impact on the planet, there must be less of a human population. No other way around it. Now, don't get me wrong and think I'm saying everyone should commit suicided or someone should make some deadly disease to wipe out massive chunks of the population, I'm just looking for others opinions to this theory and possibly other.... more humane alternatives. Other ideas as to reducing human population on earth: Sustainable colonies on the Moon, Mars, etc.?


This comment may be innapropriate. It is something odd speaking about (since I am only 12), I shouldn't even know about it yet. my my friends have older siblings who buy them to be funny, but what about more condoms? It will the slow down the process of babies being born. Sure, it will not stop the population, but it will give us more time to live how we are. And before the global warming gets deadly, scientists can study to find healthier ways to live. Yes I know, it is dissapointing for me to know about condoms, and I hate admitting I know about all that mature stuff. Heck, I have to learn about it sooner or later (next year, that is, haha). So please, no anger towards this comment

I'd be concerned if you got to 12 and didn't know about condoms. They are part of the required curriculum for 11 year-olds in the UK.

What? Hahaha. There is a kid in my school who stole a bunch from Wal - Mart. Haha.

Remember the deliberate and proactive attempts on the part of some religious groups to spread misinformation about condoms and prevent their use in public education campaigns in Africa etc.

There's also the questionable group (again, religiously motivated as far as I know) that went around my university putting pin holes in the freely available "welfare" condoms that people could pick up in colleges if they were nervous about buying them- I'm not sure what this group was attempting to achieve, given that the end result of their actions would be directly causing abortions.

/bitter cynic

Don't worry about it, i have a brother thats 12 and way more inappropriate at a lot less relevant times. Try finding a 12 year old that doesn't know about condoms these days. To answer the Question, condoms only work when people decide to use them (still not 100% safe) so the bigger challenge would be educating the masses and convincing them practice birth control.

There are only three ways to efficiently reduce the human population: let people die, make people die, or cut the birth rate. Of those, only the third has any real chance of success, and then only if you can educate the masses of the developing world. Not easy, when you remember how hard China has to work to keep its captive population down. Space colonies won't reduce the Earth's population - it is just too hard to lift a significant number of suitable people off planet, and normal processes would quickly replace those who left (Europe's population didn't fall when its population started emigrating to the US and Australia). So, if you want to reduce the population, get yourself to university, become a teacher, and then work in the developing world.