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Let friends and family vote for me Answered

I'm new to this site and couldn't find the answer to this question. I want to enter a contest next week. Is it illegal to ask my friends and family to make an account so they can vote for me?

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No it is not. As long as an actual person is behind a vote/account, then it is fine.

Quick question: What do votes actually do for you? I just looked through the "Official Rules" and it said that judges choose both the finalists and the winners.

Votes are used when deciding about half of the finalists. They are not used when judging the winners, only the finalists.

Ohhh. So that's why we can't see the finalists right away...

Thanks for your reaction!

Confession: about the only time the rest of my family actually log on, it's when I've sent them to vote for me.

(PS: if you hit the "reply" button, the person you are replying to (Penolopy Bulnick) gets a notification that you replied to them.)