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Let's get making! Answered


Well, summer is almost here, and that means 2 months (in my case) of pure FREEEEDOM!!!!

And what better way to spend the summer than catching up on a year and a half of making?

Some things have happened back here, so I don't have as much freedom as I'd like. My grandfather is staying with us, so I don't have as much free time since I have to take care of him.

Anyway, here's my checklist of things to make. If I make something, I will cross it out. My goal is to at least make 7 of these:


What about you guys? Got a list ready? Suggestions?


probably some potato guns...perhaps some dagorhir weapons for sparring. and I will continue to work on my airsoft guns...

-Learn to program my arduinos -do something with robot vision -help finish a robot I've been working on -build an interactive surface (maybe develop something for the sandtable?) -Finish my workbench -web triggered bubble machine

I don't have much plans, other I am hoping to complete my solid-state tesla coil when I get my hands on a pipe... :-)

I have several ideas... Chastity belt Book headboard Book flower pot Fabric TARDIS Learn to crochet And about eight million things I want to cook...

Chastity belt? I have nothing planned, I have two very unpleasant courses this summer, one difficult, one tedious.

Oh yeah, come to think of it I remember reading about it...but why would you want to make one...

Can't think of anyone else that's done it. I'd like to do a modern take on it. :P Plus, it was on the ibles projects board when I visited last summer.

Fabric TARDIS. Two Questions:

  • Full sized?
  • Will it work?

Full sized, on a frame made of thin wood or pipe. I never know until I finish it. I tend to wing things and fix problems as I go.

It's like that Ferrari one! A woman made a little wooden frame of a Ferrari then knitted around it.


I've not seen that before! Very nice! I'd like mine to be collapsible, though. So as to move it from place to place and take stupid pictures. :D

Eight million things.....you're gonna need a bigger kitchen!

Oh, I know. I have a tiny little kitchen with hardly any counter space. I might need to rework everything before I start this quest.

I'm planning on making a bottle display, a blanket, a stuffed ostrich, some clothes, a dog house, a dog collar, and some other things I had ideas for but forgot.

A stuffed ostrich....Sunbanks, you have the coolest list so far!

Keith: lead the way by making something (this month) L

Very well, I am currently gathering materials for a gun from the movie Hellboy.

Oh, I have projects of my own to make (including, funds allowing, a new shed). Plus, I promised Kitewife a sun jar.

Something to free up the KiteKave, move out all the toys and garden furniture.

I see, a Kite...uh.....place to free up the KiteKave by moving all the toys and garden furniture!

Can't do much until I move, I'll be spending my time makin moniez at Buy More


9 years ago

My summer is probably just going to be volunteering and cycling, I'm wanting to make some of the papercraft stuff.

Well, I plan on making my xbox live account a higher rank on Halo 3. If I get access to a (charged) camera and a USB plug to it, I may make an instructables about an electromagnetic fishing pole. Another cool thing would be how to legally get free xbox live gold membership (hint hint)

I have lots of plans, but sadly most of them fizzle out, either from lack of time or lack of funds or both.

I do want to get a few more entries into the LED contest however :-)

I also am planning on modding a couple of "wireless camera detectors I have.

I wanted to have a Show n Tell but I don't think it will come to fruition this year...and I am not sure if I will have the strength next year.