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Let's talk mp3 player Answered

I want to get a flash based mp3 player I was looking at this I want around an 8 GB, under $250ish any ideas

P.S. anyone who remembers from this, my fish died, and he never had a name, but I'm guna get some new ones


I recently bought an IRiver Clix 2. They're super cool and very easy to use, never mind stylish. Only 4gb mind but perfect for me ;-)


Another idea is to pick up a used iPod Mini for <$100US (I got my last one for $60) and replace the 4GB CFD (Compact Flash Drive) with an 8GB CF memory for about $35 - $85. You get a great player and quadruple the battery life!

Yeah I saw that instructable, I am hoping some kids Ipod's break this year (as evil as it sounds) so I can buy them for like 5 bucks then fix them and keep them, or sell them back lol ;-)

Yes! Get it! Can't believe that 8G Sansa e200r is only $179. My 6G was $199. Get it! Don't get a Zen though, the firmwares are really glitchy.

I love my zen. I just wish I could find my headphones/earbuds... I'm sick of stealing my brothers.

UGH IT PAINS ME My birthday is coming up, so my dad wont let me buy anything. Even though it's on sale, and may not be later.

i have a sansa 8gb. very easy setup. if you don't have more than 8gb of music its good. if you have more you'll have to get an ipod or zen. has slot for micro sd cards so storage can be expanded slightly. overall a great product.

Try the Meizu Music card 8GB ($169) or the Meizu Miniplayer 8GB ($189). They are both wonderful players and the cheapest too. You can buy them at houseofdap.com.