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Let's vote for the Lego Kne'x look a like Contest Answered

If i am right there haven't been any of these in the past. But there are some really nice guns that really look like the real thing. Or a game inspired idea. Or planes like my one, cars and lot of other idea's. Let's how i am not the onlyone that likes this idea let's see


Maybe not a look a like but at least a contest where every1 can compete.

I think it would be quite interesting to see instructables host a knex/lego contest. I would be all for it!

Hey, you would have to through fischertechnik into the mix! Make it a battle of the manips! Maybe LEGO vs K'NEX vs fischertechnik vs Erector vs Vex in a match! One interesting contest would be to choose 100 elements from the manip set, and then build to three announced themes. Richard

*throw not through. Hmmmm... never heard of fischertechnik or vex. What are they?

You got me! Typing too fast and not checking my spelling. ft is a manip out of Germany. It has been around about as long as LEGO. I have authored a number of ft-ibles. It is very interesting. Vex is a variation on Erector, and was originally marketed in Radio Shack. They have their own international competition. Thanks! RIchard


8 years ago

It would probably come about soon I mean knex and legos are a big think on Instructables