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Lever Action Rifle MODS Answered

A few modifications I made last night to knex mad's Lever Action Rifle.

Modifications include: Better Lever, more comfortable handle, and some barrel mod's.




8 years ago


Thanks. Do you have any ideas for more mods? I'd love to hear some.

no problem! nope sorry, im leaving knex pretty soon...

im not, that was ages ago...

LOL like 27 days

Oh! I thought you thought that i was thinking that you thought about thinkng you were going to leave!

that was ages ago! im not quiting, im posting my p90 with some extras soon anyway!!!

 make a video of you using it

looks ok looks the same on the body but yeah i get what you have done is the lever alot stronger or a bit stronger ?

It's mostly aesthetic and functionality mods. The barrel might be a bit stronger, though.

As for the lever, I made it that way so it wouldn't hang and so when I start pushing it forward, the barrel starts moving at the same time, instead of me having to push it forward a bit, then the barrel starts moving.

The lever might be stronger, I don't know. I just removed some parts and moved others.

i think your the person who loves this gun the most i havent had that much talk or anything really about it but yeah thanks ill add a link to this page in my insructable