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Lexar flash stick/drive Answered

my flash drive just stopped working, i have alot of information of it and the red light just stop flashing.

how do i get this to work or get my information off of it?


Jack A Lopez

4 weeks ago

I dunno. I just asked DuckDuckGo to show me web pages for,

"troubleshooting usb flash drives"


Some of these search results that looked promising to me:




In my personal experience, most problems with USB flash drives I have seen, are problems with software on the host computer.

I mean the way to tell it is this kind of problem, is if you can plug the USB drive into a completely different computer, and it works just fine.

There is some danger in unplugging those drives, while they are possibly in the middle of a write operation. If you do that, supposedly there is danger of the drive's little filesystem getting corrupted.

Usually, the operating system has some way to, "unmount," or "eject," or "safely remove," a USB drive.

Although, what do you do if the software managing the drive is all borked? If it doesn't think it is mounted? Or if it refuses to let you unmount it?

Sometimes when OS refuses to unmount the drive, it is because there is some running application that it believes to be working with files on the drive. So sometimes closing all the applications that might possibly be doing that, will allow the OS to let you unmount the drive.

Or maybe not. In the case where the OS continues to refuse to give you permission to unplug the thing, then I think the thing to do is just wait till everything seems quiet. A lack of light flashing is, I think, a good sign that things are quiet. When things seem sufficiently quiet and settled, just unplug it.

Another way to make sure things are quiet, would be to shut down the computer completely.

Then, like I suggested, try plugging the USB drive into some other computer, to see if that computer can mount it, and read the files therein.


4 weeks ago

Can you provide all the details please?
Model and size of the stick,operating system used, what did you do when it failed, what exactly do you mean by "stopped flashing"?


4 weeks ago

please help i need this information.