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Li-ion Battery Answered

So I want to upgrade my psp battery, but all the cheap batteries i have seen on Ebay really discourage me from buying one. So, i have come up with my own solution; buy a low capacity battery, and switch out the cell. the problem is, that i don't know where to get such a cell! I want to order for a legitimate company, so that i cannot get ripped off, buying a 500mah battery claimed to be 3000mah i need >2000mah square cell approximately 3.5x1x5.2 CM Thanks!


you can visit here, and contact me.


we can supply what you want. so, whats the capacity you like? 550mAh or 500~1000mAh or 2000mAh? size of 3.5x1x5.2 CM or 0.42*3*4.6cm? we can supply you both aluminum case Li-ion and Li-Polymer batteries of this types. Ruy Liu ruy@gebattery.com.cn MSN: ruymax61@hotmail.com

Does your company have a website?

dealextreme.com has some cheap psp batteries

yes, but they also have 26000mah batteries for ~$10 (all lies) and i'd like to order a genuine capacity battery