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License Question??? Answered

Hi, I'm new here and I wanted to post up this instructable but I'm worried about someone re-posting it under their name. What do I do when someone breaks the license?


If it's blatantly copied or in license violation -- just send a message to an admin of instructables ;) They're pretty good about making sure everyone is "in the right" when it comes to something like this :D Out of curiosity, what are you posting?

Those type of things seemed to be looked down on around here... ;) I don't think you'll have a problem...

do u mean reposting the exact same instructabe? Well there's a lot of similar instructables, but if it's extremeley similar than u might want to talk to the author of it and if all doesn't go well then report it.

i mean like for example they use the same materials and same proccess, just different colors or something like that?

you should then PM the author of the instructable, make him either take it down or in the intro say that this (referring to yours) instructable was here first and have a link top it.

Don't worry, if it it the EXACT same, then it would probably be taken down or something like that. Instructables are allowed to have variations to them, like LED Throwies, and LED Floaties, and stuff like that. Welcome aboard too!