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Life size Pokemon in a toy Pokeball could be possible! Answered

Oh how I cried when I realised that I would never catch a Pikachu. I should probably collect my used Pokeballs... Anyway, I was out in the woods looking for wild Pokemon, when I had a eurika moment, (I had actualy fallen down a rabbite hole full of moss), for some strange reason I thought of those auto pumping whoppie cushions (probably the spongy moss) and then realised: If I could create a fabric Pikachu or buy an inflatable , I could fill it with foam then scrunch it up as small as possible, and put it inside a Pokeball! I think it might work, so I'll give it a try!


Next step: Make the plushes evolve!

What? Thergox is evolving! Thergox evolved into Thergion!

Good idea! It would be fun because everyone can choose his own pokemon :)

Did you see pokemon in real life? Cause if you did I already know wich attack you're gonna use: HARDEN!!!!!!


5 years ago

Post it as an instructable if you do!