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Light Gun Duck Shooter.. Gone? Answered

Does anyone know why hand held light guns are not all that common..? I spent literally years as a child on the Master System (he he, that name still makes me laugh) playing light gun games like duck shooting etc... These guns were remarkably accurate and fun to play with!! So why did they go out of fashion? I mean c'mon I know they are available for SOME games but these are limited.... How could people not want a hand held weapons to make games such as halo more interactive... Is it that it is just to expensive for the general market, or is it true was it really the Master system?? P.S did anyone every finish "Alex the kid" the built in game?


I finished "Alex Kidd" :D

Play it herehere.

Years ago a friend of mine had something very similar to this, except we found his didn't detect anything really but the tilt and placement of the "gun". Someone sitting on the coach had a horrible time fixing their aim, as they had to imagine the duck directly in front of them, when the tv was nearer the floor level.

Was that on the SEGA? Mine was extremley accurate.. Or perhaps I just got use to the off aim... It gets fairly fast near the end of the game, i'm talking shooting more than 2 ducks / second and the gun seemed to be fairly responsive....

I don't remember. My brother in law owned it. And I only saw it the one time.

WII pretty close, use IR light, not sure how the old ones worked

Hmmmm... thanks :) Looks like a WII on the way.... Interesting article.