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Lightbulb terrarium Answered

What kinds of plants would be good for a lightbulb terrarium? :) I'm talking about the regular house bulb.


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That looks like the right answer; there are several existing I'bles shown there.

I have seen people build terrariums inside of light bulbs....is that what you mean? I'm using scotch moss. just make sure it doesn't get too wet inside.

Regular light bulbs will generally get the growing area too hot, and they don't produce the right wavelengths for good growth in most plants...if indeed any.

If your'e insistent about using a regular incandescent, make sure to have plenty of air flow and keep the bulb well away from the plants. They will not perform as well as a specialized grow light bulb. Ideally, you want to use a florescent. Even a cool white fluorescent is far better than a normal incandescent.