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Lighting candles on command? Answered

I have an Arduino (not super relevant, I will buy a different controller if necessary) and am trying to design a very unique marriage proposal (hence my throwaway account name and lack of details). I want to know if it is possible to light candles on command using a microcontroller....Has anyone attempted this? The ignition source only needs to work once, and to be as inexpensive as possible so I can scale this up without killing my budget. Thanks for your help!


Here's a thought. Look at the camera taser ibles and have that fire off igniteing a wick. Have the wick between two wires so it catches when the spark jumps between the wires. Not sure how to get it to fire remotely, i don't know electronics, but you could just have a nearby hidden switch to press to start things rolling. Good luck!

I love your idea. I am going to go try and acquire some digital camera capacitors as soon as I can. Thanks for the help!

I would imagine a custom candle holder rigged with the camera flash igniter. All candle holders could be discretely wired together and perhaps could be triggered with a clapper sensor.

I am still open on what to use to remote trigger, I am still in the development phase and trying to figure things out slowly. It has to be a flame, I considered LED's but it just isn't what I want. Homemade electric match looks right up my alley, I will check that out. Thanks guys!

Look at model rocket engine ignitors(bit of thin nichrome wire with a blob of flammable stuff when heated). You can hook them up to a couple of batteries, long wire and a switch mounted somewhere.

Something like an electric match? General principle is to run a lot of current through a something that can't handle it (exposed lightbulb filament, 1/8 watt  low-resistance resistor), which makes it heat up to the point of catching things on fire. I don't think an Arduino can handle the necessary current alone, but could trigger transistors or relays.

Are you talking about real candles or LED simulated candles? What remote trigger method do you have in mind IR, sound, light, hidden switch, cell phone, tripwire, etc?