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Lighting powered by an AC to 12V DC 4pin Molex adapter? Answered


 I'm making a gift out of a traffic light that I'm going to snazz up (paint red, replace lenses with stained glass, new lighting) And I'm going to use computer case lighting as I am familiar with it. As I don't want to use a psu just to power molex connectors I'm going to use this www.crazypc.com/products/7410.html AC to 12V DC 4pin Molex adapter I'm going to have a set up something like this; adapater-www.pctoys.com/840556088547.html molex on/off switch-www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx molex splitter-www.crazypc.com/products/neon_wire_red-8430R.html Red EL Neon Wire-www.crazypc.com/products/82520U.html LED Meteor UV lights-and another light of some kind maybe a liquid cold cathode www.crazypc.com/products/8230B.html I believe the adapter will be able to power this, however I'm not sure as I've never used one before so any input is greatly appreciated. I also need to know whether the on/off switch will be able to control the whole string?

Thank you