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LimeWire Answered

Well Today I downloaded LimeWire and i got some songs but i know theres been some contreversy. and also computer safty issues.
so just wondering Whan DO YOU GUYS THINK?

also 1 question a realy dumb one but does the progeram it self give you a virus or do you first have to down load like a lets say a music file then open it and gives u avirus


you guys want to know a really good way of getting around this whole virus thing GET A MAC then you dont have to worry about ever getting viruses i mean i dont even have my firewall turned on ever!!

Be Careful. That's my advice. ANY kind of P2P programs (Limewire, ShareBear, torrent sites) are potentially dangerous. As far as I know, Yes, you have to download a file to get a virus. If you're downloading songs and you see one that's like maybe less than 1000 KB when all the rest of the choices are 4000KB plus, that 1000KB one is not the actual song, so steer clear of those. Make SURE you have some awesome antivirus program. I suggest Symantec if you don't have one (I'm not sure how much it costs but if you're downloading files on the internet more than likely you can 'obtain' it for free, just don't drop your jaw in shock when the FBI comes banging down your door... it's a risk we all take). It takes pretty good care of me and is good about letting me know when I've made a Limewire boo-boo. ~KT

yea i have a realy good anti virus and even spyware catcher

I won't repeat what everybody have told you about the legalities. Limewire is a good P2P client. However, the success of a file sharing software largely depends on how many users are sharing in it's network, and Limewire's user base has slowly dwindled over the years. Your security concern is somewhat valid, but it's entirely due to users and marketers exploiting P2P network's popularity by sharing malicious files. Steer clear from downloading files that raise your suspicion (ie exe, zip, wmv, etc). Limewire runs on Gnutella network, meaning you can locate files shared on Morpheus, iMesh etc (that run on Gnutella network as well). Try exploring other P2P networks ie EDonkey and FastTrack. Or try multi-network client like Shareaza that traverse all major P2P networks. My personal favorite are Ares P2P client,and Bittorrent client. Ares runs on it's own network, much more reliable and less malicious content. And Bittorrent because I have the option to check user reviews and and ratings on a particular file before downloading it.

Bittorrent is a peach. Tons of media. Plus with torrents you get to download entire albums or discographies at once. Do a search for bittorrent and download the program, then you have to go to a torrent site and start downloading torrents. Some decent torrent sites I use are demonoid (which you have to be invited to or know someone's password), miniova.org, and torrentspy. There are bunches of others out there as well that I'm sure I don't know about.

So you've downloaded, installed and used the thing, and now you're asking questions about viruses...?
(Ask first, then download something you're unsure of)


So I have heard, that sharing files is illegal, but the actual downloading is not. I am not 100% positive on this fact, but I have heard of it. I tend to stay away from these programs, being that I never know what spyware will be on the files that I download. It is not often that people get caught, but when they do, it is a pretty big deal.

true true i run diognostics ever 3-5 days and spyware things practicaly ever day and i heard it was like a program to share files is legal but downloading them was illegal

Yea, like I said, there are many differing opinions on this topic, but to say the least, it is technically illegal, but because there are millions upon millions of people doing this, it is hard for companies like the RIAA, to pinpoint each person and fine them.

when i was younger i was like why dont they just get the guy who made the site and fine him by ip traking him and theres away to find a exact address by a ip but i see it could of been legal for him to set it up so yea

Yea, that is because those sites do not directly give a link download those files. These are sometimes called "magnet" links, where when you click on it, the program you have downloads it. It isn't where you download it directly off the site. That is why most torrent sites, and other P2P sites do not get taken down.

P2P sites are not illegal at all, it's perfectly legal to download a song if you've bought the CD already. What's illegal is to get a program that isn't free without paying for it.

limewire itself will not give you a virus. if im not mistaken its open source... and its pretty hard to slip a virus into open source software. not saying it cant and wont be done, but still... now, you can get a virus from the stuff that you download. obviously never run any .exe file that you dl from limewire. that is just stupid. in fact never run a .exe that you get from the internet unless you know exactly where it came from and trust the site. im convinced thats the biggest cause of viruses out there. people are like whoa cool smileys, download... crap nooo i got a virus. stupid youtube... it is illegal by the way to download copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holder. it is also illegal to upload them. limewire is a bittorrent based service so the more that you upload the faster you download. it wants you to upload stuff that you download from it. take note of that if you use it. and yes, they can catch you. if you download from one of the RIAA's sites (torrents, files, etc. site was just the best word that came to mind) then they can get your ip. the RIAA puts stuff up on sites like that to catch the people. thats how the find out who to send the bill to.

Then again, for those who want another P2P program, Shareaza is decent from what my cousin says.

We have limewire...My friend had Frostwire and it came up with some inapropriate items

ive downloaded alot of "content" and ive never got a virus from it...and it is ilegal but they cant catch you...what are they going to do send a swat team to your house


Well what would be horrifying is finding a bill of $250,000 if by chance you get caught by the RIAA.


10 years ago

but wont it not let you dowload copyrighted files also where do i get it? same site as limewire?


10 years ago

frost wire?


10 years ago

It's illegal, but I guess they can't catch everyone. Viruses are everywhere, so it's logical that they are on LimeWire also.