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Limit current to 170v 5 amps? Answered

So... I connected 120v ac mains power to a bridge rectifier > capacitors to smoothe > switch > output... how can I prevent the breaker from...breaking.  Also the integrated bridge rectifier can only take 6 amps for long amounts of time.  I need to somehow limit current without limiting voltage (at least to much)


Use an active current limiter to monitor and control the maximum load current to a preset threshold.


7 months ago

If the load which you have is less then your breaker, It is possible that charging the cap pulls too much current and trips the breaker..

You can ;

1) reduce the load,

2) reduce the size of the capacitor,

3) charge the cap first then apply your load ,

4) place a bigger breaker in the fuse box..

5) tell us the real specifics if you know them..

We can't give advise or offer a solution ithout knowing the details.
A circuit only draws the current it needs.
So either the stuff you connect is not suited for your simple DC supply or you are trying things you should not try.
Playing with mains voltage is a deadly game at times....

Why do I feel there is more to this problem than your saying?

What is it your trying to drive?