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Limited Time Offer Answered

Alright mis amigos, I'm feeling kind of generous and very bored. As such, I'm going to personally hand draw and scan digital patches for people until I get tired of doing it and give up. This offer may go on for an hour, a day or even a week. It is hard to say right now. If you want a digital patch, tell me the following: 1) What you would like me to draw for you. 2) Why you think you deserve this digital patch. All custom drawn digital patches will be awarded at my discretion, so think carefully before you answer these two questions (seriously). Also, please keep in mind, drawing things with a Sharpie, scanning them and (sometimes) coloring these images takes time. Please be patient. UPDATE: Drawings coming along nicely. I will start scanning and distributing them tomorrow.




8 years ago

I wan't a man eating a sandwich standing on one leg with his shoes untied whilst stroking a yellow llama. Because I'm awesome

Actually I don't want a patch I changed my mind, they break orangeboards, but I'd like to see the drawing anyway!

A ninja/Santa Claus. I deserve a patch because I can beat-box.

If it's not too late, I would like you to draw a magpie, because it is my favourite of the corvidae.

(Although, if the inspiration takes you, any member of the family would be cool.)


8 years ago

I was wondering if it was too late for a request. As for question one, I was thinking of a tryptamine molecule since it's my favorite type of molecule. For question two, hmmm.... maybe you just really want to draw a tryptamine molecule?

Hi, Randy! How about a Feynman diagram of a B -> X_u l nu semileptonic decay (you don't need the low-energy gluons, tree level is fine)? I'm a really awesome particle physicist, and that's my research focus right now :-)

And here I thought that a cat might be the most challenging thing I would have to draw. There might be some artistic interpretation on this one.

Lol, I always read it like that on accident and end up doing a double take and having to read through it again.

I always have to take another look at the word "Hadrons" just to make sure it actually says what it's supposed to say.

If you tilt your head to the left, it appears to be a stick figure urinating (with math floating all around him ;-)

WOO HOO!!!! Thank you, Randy! Science is always awesome :-)

A scary looking rabbit. Because I are speshul. =p


8 years ago

One of my favorite things to draw when I'm doodling is penguins. As a penguin-drawing connoisseur, I would like to see how you view penguins. :D

I'd like a picture of cat, please =]

I feel that I deserve one, because when i'm wondering why you take my car? it would remind me to always attach large talons to their feet in order to properly prepare them. And after that, I must a get a cage, which i'll need later.

(or maybe a piggy in disguise as a chimney?)

I'm not very good at drawing cats, but I think I can work something out based on your explanation.

Thanks, they're awesome! I loved looking through at the patches everyone else got, too.

btw, are the black feet talons?

Dude. You've been hanging out with the expat surrealists for far too long.

>Giggles< It's like that spam I get from other countries...("Ms Jane" especially likes me, she wants to start a real and true connection to a female like me!! Limited opportunity though.)

I would adore a venus flytrap. I just got a venus flytrap, after wanting one for many years. His name is Sigmund. He likes lightning bugs the best. Well, in truth I don't deserve it, even though I'm your biggest fan and all. :D

You feed it lightning bugs? That's not very nice. They glow. Okay, one venus flytrap it is.

:D Yeah, but they don't glow after he's eaten. :( Funny story: as a new venus flytrap owner, I thought I made mine vomit after I accidentally knocked it over and noticed the trap that formerly housed the bug was open. Turns out that's normal, but I thought I had reached a new low, making a plant throw up. XD Thank you so much!

Hahaha, yeah! It turned out to be not my fault, but they do open the trap and kinda spit out the indigestible bug bits when they're through. So they sort of do throw up! :D

Could I have a picture of a flamingo? I think I deserve this patch because with it my cat will stop sending me death threats.

Yay! Thank you, I like my flamingo :D

thanks for the patch!


8 years ago

1) I'd like a Pennyfarthing 2) Because bikes are awesome, and vintage machines have increased appeal and I have not accomplished my life to ride a pennyfarthing, there's time yet. :)


8 years ago

I would like a hand-drawn cat shark, please!

Sorry, didn't frame it right. 1) I would like a hand-drawn cat shark, please! 2) I deserve it because I regularly convince you to do ridiculous projects. And you clearly have it in for me.

Alright. I think I can do a cat shark.

Well sure, if the boss asks for it, anything is possible! :D


8 years ago

1)I would love an ice cream cone. 2)I deserve it because....I don't really have a good reason why I deserve a patch, but since I'm only the second person here to ask, it can't hurt...

2) you deserve it because you've made some really cool Ibles

Thanks, that is a sweet thing to say!

That's an easy one. The reasoning is suspect, but, ok.