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Line Rider Answered


line rider is stupid play counter strike source so much better.

How can you compare the two when they are totally different games? It is like comparing butter to speakers

i said exactly the same thing!

but theres much better things than linerider.

Some people might agree, some might disagree, we all have our likes and dislikes.

i understand cant stop you lol just saying.

If you dont understand, you must be thick

well im not thick

they are both different types of games......... linerider when you want to pass the time......... counter strike when you have lots of spare time.

this was the soul and life of the end of my last school year omg it was good but sad,=p i enjoyed it tho but scenery takes ages to get it right

Hey you know your supposed to keep him on the sled.But then again it was pretty funny.

I can't draw the scenery to look nice (or won't spend the time), but I seem to have got the hang of the mechanics. L

i did this at school all last year and omg its fun.

Vids by Techdawg are awesome.

ya the ones on youtube are incredible!!

you can already play it on the wii, just use the internet channel.

Yea, I did a little bit with it. But I wasn't very good at it. Some of them are amazing.