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Link between Photic sneezing and migraines? Answered

I sneeze when I look at the sun. Babies almost universally do this, but I continued into adulthood. My mom does it too. And we both have migraines. So I'm wondering A)Do Photic sneezers suffer from migraines? and B)Do Migraine sufferers have Photic sneezing? Couldn't find any info on this in google.


I didn't think "photic sneezing" was real, I thought it was just me sneezing from something outside. (I sneeze in the sun :P) I don't get migraines really :P

It appears that photic sneezing is a genetic thing, hence why your mother has it too. I would say that migraine and photic sneezing are not connected but thay are not mutually exclusive and you can have one or the other or both...but hey I am no expert, I just read Wikipedia :-p

Do you mean you only occasionally get migraines? Or you've never had one?

I sneeze when I go from a dark area (like indoors) into a bright area. I have never had a migraine and have had fewer than 10 headaches not directly attributable to something like being dehydrated.