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Linking 5 battery powered LED arrays? Answered

Let me preface by saying I can do a lot of things myself but have no training in electronics.  If someone can give me a diagram and values for the components I can construct it.

I have 5 LED lights which each run off of 3 AAA batteries (3.6 volts).  I would like to take the LED arrays out of all of these and make them into one big light that I could run off the 18 volt batteries from my power tools.  Can I just wire all the lights in series or would I need some regulator circuit to prevent them from burning out?



4 years ago

Near California each AAA battery is 1.5v ... three are 4.5v.

Who makes your east coast AAA batteries or are these old rechargeable AAA batt ?

They will generally call them 1.5v, which you may actually get from them when you first take them out of the package but as they are used the voltage will drop off so the 1.2v is the average you will get from them over their life span.

It should work fine, put them all in series.

Thanks for you assurance. Will go ahead with this project.


4 years ago

I opened up one of the lights and it is a very simple circuit. 3 batteries, switch, circuit board with 1 small resistor and 24 LEDs.