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Links Don't Do Anything in Emailed Newsletter Answered

I received the emailed newsletter, Giant Swiss Army Machete, Box Fan Mosquito Trap, 2-Liter Rocket, and found that some of the links don't do anything when you click on them. I tried the newsletter in two separate email clients. If you hover mouse over those alleged links, the pointer turns into an I-beam.

Windows 7 pro, outlook office 2010, gmail.

The following links don't work:

1.  All captions under each instructable project image.
2.  "All Contests >>" button.
3.  "See All Featured >>" button.
4.  "Customize Feed >>" button.
5.  "Browse Contests >>" button.

*  For the captions under the images, click on the image instead.
*  For the buttons, go to the Instructables site main page and find the items in the header.