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Links added to ible instructions by a third party? Answered

I just notice this morning that there are hyper links that have been added to the instructables i have posted up....just a random phrase or set of words have a link directing people to nursing school, electronics sites, etc...

I did not add these links and would think folks would rather not have them in the instructable but rather to the side bar or something. Has my account been hacked and someone messing with the ibles?

 Someone go look at my recent ible and you will see the link used  under "Let's get started" of my project.

Leo/ AKA Jawasan


Which Instructable? This one? I don't see any links on it.

If there were links there and you've removed them but you're still concerned someone's accessed/hacked your account to edit in spam links, change your password then contact service@instructables.com. They may be able to see what IP addresses your account has been accessed from.

Yep. I see links in step 1 right where I wrote "Lets get started..." it is blue and underlined...I click and it goes to some nursing school.....also the word continue is a link in step 1....hmmmmm.....password is changed, i will forward info to service like you said.

Can you take a screenshot please? There is definitely no link while I'm looking at it. Image attached, am I looking at the same part that you are?:


What browser jawasan? Could some kind of third party plugin be randomly inserting links? Do you see it on any other site?

Jawasan, did you at any point in the past get a message saying you needed to install a "Codec-V" plug-in to watch some video?

From what I found, its a fake plug-in (and potentially a virus) that can put random hyperlinks on any webpage that you are viewing.

If you did in fact install it, you'll need to get rid of it and scan your computer. I can tell you that the link your seeing doesn't appear for us, and I doubt that it has anything to do with Instructables.