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Links logging me out. Answered

Over roughly the last 24-36 hours, the site has started logging me out if if follow links to projects. Not every time, but I am currently having to log in three or four times per session on the site.

For instance, if I am logged in and browsing the recent page in desktop view, and I click on a thumbnail, I get taken to the project, but arrive on the mobile site, and not logged in. When I switch back to desktop view, I am still not logged in.

The same happens if I follow a link to a project from a "subscription update" email.

It's not just "arriving on the site and having to log in", if I am already on the site and logged in, then follow a link from an email, the tabs I already have open get logged out as well.

This is using an Android tablet with up-to-date browser.


Sounds like a conflict between the mobile and desktop version of the site, and your device is having a tug-of-war. Does your mobile browser have a 'desktop' only option?

It does, but it has recently been getting ignored when going to several sites for the first time in any particular day (eg Wikipedia, BBC). I wonder if an update to the browser has broken something...?


4 years ago

We are links. You will be re-directed. Complaining is futile.

That is "computer's magic", Kiteman.