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Linksys WRT120N Un-boxing Answered

It was time I replaced my aging (and case-less) Belkin 54G+ router with a newer one, I've been having lots of problems with disconnects lately, and also with computers on my network not identifying correctly under my DHCP client list. Although I thought it was just one of my computers fudging up my network somehow, after replacing the router, all the computers seem to show up properly, although I still haven't powered up my server yet, but that's another story...

I'm not holding my breath, but this new linksys router seems to be a great improvement over the belkin. Not only that, the linksys has a Plethora of options compared to the belkin, everything from some rather advanced wireless settings, to bandwith and QoS management (basically I can set higher priority to one computer on my network, than the rest of them). A lot of features in here that not most people will use, but I will now get the chance to monkey around with.

Anyways, I always get thinking, after I unwrap a new toy and play around with it, how I wished I had taken pictures while it was still in packaging and whatnot. So this time I finally did. I also did a bit more cable management and mounted everything on the wall behind my door. The wires could be neater but it's much better than it was and gives me some more space on my server rack!