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Linux help damn small linux? Answered

Hi, dont know if anyone can help me out here but maybe someone can. i really enjoy using linux i currently have puppy linux on my laptop and ubuntu on my pc, i have just got a very old laptop and i am hoping to run damn small linux on it, i have installed damn small linux onto the machine and it boots up perfect but what i want to know is how do i install apps on to it from the damn small linux repository, i have downloaded over 50 files from the repository but have only managed to get 2 working can anyone help me out, also is there any way to get wine running on dsl. Thanks in advance. Connor.


I have dabbled with Linux from time to time and found that the dedicated Linux help forums are the best resources out there to get "stuff" working; you wait till hell freezes over before getting helpful Linux info here. I have read lots of Linux answers in this forum and for the most part they sounded about right only to realize later it was all fruit from a poisoned tree.

Lol yeah i wasn't to sure about posting this here but as its the only Q&A site i am registered on i thought why not give it a shot, seems to me Linux isnt as popular as it use to be and a lot of the Linux forums are dead :( hopefully i should be able to figure it out, thanks for your answer.

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You may also consider xubuntu since it's designed for low-spec machines. I'm sure it operates pretty much exactly like ubuntu.

Thanks for your reply, i figured out why the extensions wasn't working, if i added .tar at the end of the filename it works so altogether it says opera.tar.gz, i will have a look at xubuntu currently on my desktop pc i am using ubuntu which is great