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Linux on a gaming PC? Answered

If I were to build a gaming PC and put Linux on it (probably Ubuntu or Mint) Could I play decent games on it? such as First person shooters, strategy, and RPGs? I'm hoping for more like main-line games (COD, Halo, Age of Empires, Civilization....), not shady, third party download type games.


most pc games don't run on linux. wine is a windows emulator for linux that might work, but its generally too unstable to use with process heavy tasks like gaming. just go out and buy a copy of windows 7 home premium. trust me.

That's the unfortunate answer I was expecting, yet hoping not to get. I'm running 7 on my laptop, and I do like it. I was hoping not to drop money on an OS, but I may have to. I do have a few copies of XP Pro lying around though, so I may be able to use that.

should work, and if you have the serial on your laptop, you may be able to use that. do you have it's install discs?

I've got the image disk and a product key. now I've just got to get around to actually building it.


Best Answer 6 years ago

Wine is not an "Emulator" for windows. Wine works like a port engine, it compiles and processes it or "Translates" it into an application packet that linux may or may not interpret right. Wine is a very useful program despite the compatibility issues with windows software but that is the price to pay for having a free open source software. Many things work on it, give it a try. Some tutorials and other stuff can be found on "http://www.linuxjournal.com/". The guy who updates the website has some pretty good tutorials on how to get most programs out for windows to work on linux, especially games for windows.

If you use wine to emulate Windows, many games can work flawlessly:

Because linux is free, why not try and see if you can make it work? You can always reformat or partition your drive and put windows on! (I Doubt you will be able to do what you want, but it's worth a try!) :)


6 years ago

Been there and tried that.... You really need to know Linux to make it work (compile your own drivers and so on).

If you want to play get windows.
If you want to try Linux use virtual machine.