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Liquid Cooling - Body Answered

Its so hot and... well.... I made a device to cool myself down! I might make an instructable, but basically, I took two 20oz bottles with caps, poked 2 holes in the top of one, 1 hole in the other. I then ran tubing between the two, and in the bottle with 2 holes, I added a bit of tubing to put the air intake below water level. I filled the 2'holer up with icewater, and blew a bit on the air intake to get it started. It works very well, to say the least! :P


I was thinking pool when I saw the title..

I don't think I can do that and the computer at the same time... Correction: You don't need the tubing below water level, although you do need tubing to get it started

I have a ginourmous desktop O_O And 2 monitors... and a bunch of perheptuals... that wouldn't work XD

but he doesn't have a laptop he has a "Ginourmous desktop" two monitors and a bunch of "perhephtuals" Even if it was on a bogey board you couldn't get your hands wet or it would drip on the keyboard.

then there will be funky distortions on your screen. I couldn't fit my laptop in a zip lock bag, has a 15.5 in widescreen.

...They make giant sized zip lock bags...and there wouldn't be any distortions..anything thing that there is wouldnt be enough to impede instructable browsing.

When did they start making giant sized zip lock bags? Are they large enough to fit yourself in.

Because if so why don't you just shuv in a large hose, a few 25lbs weights and your laptop. Then you can go underwater and surf instructables.

Or even better, put the laptop in the bag then on top of a surf board, then you really be surfing.

If only it was 5 x 4ft then you could sit cross legged on the bottom of the pool with a nice warm laptop on your lap surfing the net and instructables.

Well ever heard of sitting in a kiddy pool with a laptop? That and wireless internet?