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List of Upcoming Contests (updated 6/21/18) Answered

Hello everyone!

Below is a partial list of the 2018 contest calendar. Keep in mind that this list is subject to change and contests will continue to be added throughout the year.

The contests below are already in planning, and I've left off ones that we're still trying to decide on. The months indicate when the contests will be launching. All contests will launch near the beginning of each month.

Keep in mind that the list below is not set in stone. We always find fancy new companies to supply prizes so dates are subject to change!


Water Contest
Cool off this summer with everything water-related.

Backpack Challenge
Show us your wildest backpack mods and creations.

Creative Misuse Contest
Show us creative ways that you misuses tools or materials.

BBQ Showdown
May the best pitmaster win!

Game Life Contest
We are bringing back this contest for all things gaming-related.


Fix It! Contest
A contest dedicated to all repairs both big and small.

Metalworking Contest
A perennial favorite requiring no big introduction!

Tiny Homes Contest
Show us your tiny structures or things you have made for your small living quarters.

Organic Cooking Challenge
This contest is dedicated to clean farm-fresh cooking.


Halloween Contest 2018
The Halloween contest is back!

*All contests subject to change.

Please leave suggestions for prizes here.
You can also leave suggestions about contests here.
Have a contest question? Check the Contest FAQ!


Quick question: Since the change of contest entries and its reduction from 3 to 1, will the Halloween Contest still allow Instructable entries published prior to its launch date like in previous years?

It's been over 3 weeks since the last update. Any updates coming soon?

Thanks in advance.

We have added a "Game Life Contest" to launch in July. I think at this point the summer contests are pretty locked down. We are still finalizing the lineup for the fall, so it is a little bit premature for me to post those. Expect an update about that around the beginning of August.

hello, contests are open 2 months and challenges only 1 is it right ?

why there are only challenges in june ?

As it currently stands, yes. We may be extending the length of the Oil Challenge to be a contest. I'm going to be updating this page in the next few days.

Thank you !

is it possible for you to extend the clock challege too ? my probleme is that I wanted to participate but I bought online some components and it will be delivered for the end of june, plus I have some exams :/ so that's why I asked but if it isn't possible for you, I can understand :)

It is unlikely we will be extending that one, but I will let you know if we decide to.

thank you very much I saw it's a contest now :D

Never looked at it that way, but good to know. Only one question remains, what about a (BBQ) showdown?

That will likely run 1-month as a challenge. :)

oh I didn't see the "stick it" contest sorry :)

Any chance of an update soon???

Will Instructables be doing the Makerspace contest again this year?

It does not seem likely. The contest is a massive undertaking on our part, and we don't currently have the capacity to make it go at the scale we have been donig it.


2 months ago

Have you any plan to change the Instructable prize pack? Instead of T-Shirt, you can offer Mug or umbrella or other thing.


2 months ago

I just want to say, great job on the designing of the cover banners for the contests! They really catch my eye and get me excited about the contests, they're so colorful and clean :)

Will the May contests be released on 4/30 or 5/7?


3 months ago

I'd like to see a contest about games.... of any kind, Yard, Board, Game pieces, etc.

I had the same question about the space challenge as SimonRob. When you are updating the list of upcoming contests, is it possible to include a brief description of what the challenge is about? It would help us plan ahead to know a little more about each contest - not just the name.

Hi Randy, how are you? Please clarify the Runner-up prize in the Space Contest, because it says winners will receive a $100 Amazon card, but the photo shows a $50 Amazon card.

There is a similar problem in the microcontroller contest, for the first prizes. Is it $250 or $500?

$250. It has been updated.

Awesome! Let's start Draft-ing :D

thanks! that's really clear now ;)

Thank you so much for the description under each of the contests and challenges!!!

Only 3 contests in April, or still hoping to add something?

Just 3 in April. More in May and June.

a lot for the update and the explanations. I really hope a soap dispenser is
related to cleaning :-) and finally a clock challenge *happy*


for april the "space challenge" is "space" like astronaut or "space" like a room ?

There hasn't been a month that there wasn't a new contest since 2009 it appears until Feb just gone https://www.instructables.com/contest/archive/

Is this the beginning of the end of contests? Is Autodesk's commitment to Instructables lessening?

We are now launching all contests on or around the first Monday of each month. Sometimes they will launch the last Monday of the month prior (if it is closer to the 1st). This is why it appeared nothing launched in February.

We launched 4 contests on Monday.

Okay, thanks for the information. Would be a real shame to see the contest section slow down. I really enjoy watching them

As of right now, it seems unlikely we will be running a Makerspace Contest for 2018.

Aw, that's a shame. What dictates if a certain competition runs again or not? Is it mainly around whether there is a suitable sponsor or not?