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Listen here... Answered

Hey guys,

I have been contemplating this forum topic for quite some time. I have debated with myself as to whether I should post a topic like it, or just ignore the problem(s). I have decided to go with the former, as it seems to me that there are things that need to be addressed. Not everybody is going to like/agree with what I have to say, but, I have always though that the best way to get people to think is to displease them.

I have noticed that for some time now that people will spend more time talking about their own guns than the gun that they are posting the comment on. In other words, imagine that you have posted a new gun, and some person leaves a comment that looks somewhat like this: "Nice gun! I an currently working on a new crossbow that I think you will really like. It gets 100 ft. of range, it looks awesome, and it has a great 're-load time.' I hope that you check it out when it is posted, and give it a vote in the contest that it is posted in."

I would humbly submit to you that that entire message is spam. If you are going to leave a comment on somebody else's 'ible, please do. BUT, don't make 95% of the message about how awesome your new gun is/whatever. The message is supposed to be a comment about/on the 'ible you are posting that particular comment on. It's kinda annoying to look at my own (and other people's) 'ibes just to find that they are full of "my new gun is posted here" type comments.

Secondly, I want to talk a little about the classics. No, not classic music, but about the classic K'NEX guns. I will make this as clear as possible. The TR8/18 and the NAR are (in my opinion) outdated. Yes, they may get good range. Yes, they may only use a few amount of pieces, but this is NO excuse to bombard every 'ible with "well, this gun is good, but it is not as good as the TR8/NAR." I mean no offense, but nobody cares. I really don't think that anyone is trying to rival those guns, but there are guns that do so. The TR8 and the NAR may have been good guns, but they are from 2009, the K'NEX community has moved on. You may want to argue with me, but I will probably end up ignoring you.

Sorry for making this comment so long, but those problems really do need to be addressed. I did not mean to offend anyone, and if I did, I am sorry, but you must understand how I, and multiple others, might feel. Peace.

- The Red Book of Westmarch


I agree, but think back to everyone's first 'ible. Everyone wanted recognition by posting "check out my 'ible!" on other people's forums. but the reason is that they wanted recognition. I even admit that i did this multiple times during my first couple of 'ibles, such as "check out my new semi auto gun!" on other people's 'ibles and forums, just for recognition. but as i matured, i realized this was obviously annoying to others, so i stopped. What i'm saying, is that almost everyone has said "check out my stuff!" during their first time on instructables, and even on other sites, too. Whoever's reading this, take a look at your past.

This is not a review... O.-

I never said anything about building guns... 0.-

As to judging, I don't know about that. All I said was that in my opinion, the TR8/NAR are outdated. Come on bro, they are from 2009. It is just my opinion...

Oh, and real quick before you give a reply to this comment that has absolutely nothing to do with what I am writing in within this comment... ADDRESS DIRECTLY THE STATEMENTS WITHHELD IN THIS COMMENT. NOT (as you must admit you usually do) TO SOMETHING COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Thank you. =D

KILLERK I think you should just give up. I don't want to see you banned over this. The TR series's amazing reputation will overshadow this review. Everyone already knows how good the design is. This just isn't worth it.

And again, you did not reply to what was in my comment... as you almost always do. Sorry bro, but unless you want to make your argument strong, you can keep not addressing what is in my comment.

The issue with the TR8/NAR isn't that they are old or getting spammed. It's that you built them incorrectly, they didn't' perform correctly because of that, and you said they weren't good undeservedly. There is a reason they are so famous. And they don't get "outdated". Some guns can, yes, but these have been designed so well from the get go that they still outperform most and there isn't much to improve on. I have yet to see a gun shoot through wood like the NAR.  And in every knex war held so far, most people ended up ditching their guns for a TR.  There are more complex guns, there are guns that do cooler things, there are guns now with more features, but when it comes to performance those are still really the guns to beat.

No one was attacking you.  They just wanted to point out that your review was flawed.

I did not say that the TR/NAR are getting spammed. XD

And I don't know how many times I half to say this, so I'll put it in caps. I BUILT BOTH CORRECTLY. JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T LIKE THE RATINGS I GAVE THEM DOES NOT MEAN THAT I BUILT THEM INCORRECTLY. As I said in the 'ible, the pictures of the NAR are not pictures of the NAR that I built. The are SUBSTITUTE PICTURES. Go ahead and read ALL of the review again, carefully. I made some changes so that people will understand this easier.

Sorry for being unapparent. I am as speech and debater, and I am taught to read more than what might be in the post/scrip/article. Thus I sometimes post things that are obvious to me, but may not be to others. I am only human...

And, just because you don't like my review, does not mean it is flawed. You did not like the ratings I gave to guns that "everybody" else likes. As my mom always says: "deal with it." If you don't like what I had to say, ignore it. Period. =D

No hard feelings.

I quote: "I BUILT BOTH CORRECTLY." You didn't...

They're were built very nicely, mind you, but they weren't build right; you even admitted so with the NAR: you said you substituted the mini NAR pin. I'm digging through these arguments and am kind of having a face-palm-fest. I don't mean to be mean, or offensive or anything, and I hope no hard feelings come of this and all, but I'd really like a real rebuttal: a statement that I can argue against other than: "Just ignore me," or "It won't effect your life;" you very well may be right about your views on K'nex guns, and I think this argument is essential for the development of K'nex guns, but I mean...

Dismissing all the arguments with a few smileys and then saying "No hard feelings" at the end isn't really a good way to start a good, productive argument. If you believe in something and know it to be true, then argue your case.

And if you don't reply back to this and just 'ignore' me, then that's cool, too, but it won't prove your point at all.

Arguments are necessary in life, but the argument on both sides has to have documentation and be founded, you know?

Wow, I can't believe I was bored enough to type all that...

Glad that I'm getting out of the house and going to a party soon. >:L

No hard feelings I hope. :D

(And when do people ever mention soft feelings, really?)

Well did you not see the video I linked? The NAR is way more powerful than I said, and that is why everyone was upset with what you posted. As well as KillerK shooting through drywall with his TR. So something was up with your guns. I don't know what.

I did not see the linked video as YouTube is blocked by our computer. I think if people are upset, they should just ignore stuff and move on... that is all I ever do.

You linked to reddit, not the video.

redbook, look here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Through-14-Wood/

Well I was doing something wrong there. Guess I didn't keep track of what I had in my clipboard. Thanks for pointing that out.

Yeah, I guess it is normal, but then again, if you don't like what somebody has to say... here it comes... ignore it! =D

XD, again, nice one. Yeah, it was kinda annoying. I have not see it happen much to you, but it does happen quite often with me. At least the TR/NAR mumbo jumbo.

I can see why you're frustrated, but you're forgetting that the Knexers are, like the whole site, not a static group. People go, people come.

A gun that, to you, is old news will be a startling experience to somebody who only started building Knex a few weeks ago.

So, dumping negativity on folk like this can damage your whole community, and discourage new members, both of the Knex community and the site as a whole ("oh, you don't want to join instructables, they're really harsh on new people").

So, I ask you to moderate your tone in the situations you describe, as you risk crossing the "Be Nice" line.

On top of that, you should not abuse the flagging system just to remove comments you do not approve of, especially when they are posted on other people's projects - those other people could easily welcome such comments. Such abuse of the system is, in my opinion, quite a serious breach of the "Be Nice" policy, and thus could have consequences you would not enjoy.

I realize that the K'NEXers are not a static group. And yes, if somebody is new, a TR8/NAR will/might be surprising news, but for those of us who have heard how great they are don't need to be told that our new guns are not as good as "blah, blah, blah"...if you know what I mean.

I don't think I was being harsh on new people, but if you got that from any of my post, tell me so I can make changes.

As to the spamming thing, I guess that I did not make it quite clear that I was only half serious.

Think back to when you first made a working gun.

What would you feel like if you came here, full of pride in your achievement, only to have somebody who appears to be a respected knexer referring to your comment as spam?

I see the first comment on your first project complained about the number of knex guns being posted. How did that actually make you feel? Is it right for you to perpetuate that behaviour, or to foster the constructive, inclusive attitude we work hard to maintain here?

I am not quite sure you understand what is going on, so I will explain.

The TR8/NAR were posted in 2009, and they are not from new K'NEXers. And, most of the comments that are "check out my new gun here..." comments are form the older people, not the new people, as most of them don't know how to "embed" links in to words.

So, the stuff I have up there is not directed at newer builders, but at older builders. So, I am not perpetuating bad behavior... I am discouraging it.

Do you see what I am saying...? I guess I sound somewhat immature, but I would rather sound immature than have to endure unending annoyance.

But you are not being clear. See how many posts we have to exchange before your intent is obvious?

Your post makes no comment or reference to age, it simply states that you consider people who mention their own guns to be spammers, and originally threatened to flag them as such. That is all a new member will see, because they do not know the history or context of your post.

This isn't about sounding mature, it's about being a welcoming, positive and constructive community.

This is not YouTube.

I think that, for any K'NEXers on this sight, I am quite clear, although you may not understand it to be so. And, I say this with full respect.

The reason why my post makes no comment as to age is because age is irrelevant. I did not state that mentioning you have a new gun is spam, I stated that if 95% of you comment is "my new gun is posted here," is.

XD, and no, this is not YouTube. We don't hate here... or at least we should not. Thanks for the comments bro, it has been nice "talking" with you. =D

Meh, I guess so. But then again, who cares what other people think... I don't. =D Besides, if someone were to spend their life really caring about what other people thing, that would be a hard life indeed. I am not saying that I should not take into consideration what other people thing, but then again, if I know I am doing what it right, other peoples opinions don't matter. "Elementarily, my dear Watson..."

Gee, I hope you did not mean use the real flagging system to flag "my new gun is posted here" comments as spam, that would be a waste of time for the admins to review and would lead to another example of individuals from the knex community abusing the ibles system lke the issues we had with voting, subscribing and rating giving you guys(and gals?) a bad rap.

Use of the flag function should be reserved for real SPAM.

No, I really was only half serious. All the same, it really is just spam. I totally agree with your last statement. Thanks for setting me on the correct path.

KILLERK does that.


5 years ago

I agree. I made a gun a while ago, I it gets good range and has a decently good reload time you should actually check it out (I';m kidding of course). Anyways, people were commenting about how the TR guns were sooo much better. I understand bro...