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Listening to electricity. Answered

Hi does anyone know how to make something similar to this electroprobe - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmfrtAJEr9U - (@ 0.24 seconds in)

In order to listen to the 'sound of electricity'.

What kind of microphones would I need? (surface, telephone etc.)

Thanks for any help.


Looking at it, that's an old telephone pickup, the kind you used to be able to buy in Tandy. A guitar pickup would work really nicely I should think


Thanks that's exactly what I need and they sell them in Maplins.

Here are kits for EMF buzz sticks.  It looked like some kind of antenna thingy instead of a microphone.

Thanks that is what I'm looking for. I just need the magnetic pickup as I'm already able to amplify the sound with my audio interface.

But it costs $35 dollars to ship it to the UK!

Do you think it is possible to use an old guitar pickup instead, because I can't seem to find the component in the UK?

Someone will need to explain the diff between active and passive pickups, one is sensing the movement of metal but you are looking to pickup electromagnetic radiation or waves from the electricity flowing through things. Give it a shot and see what you "hear". Other electronic whizzes should chime in later.