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Literal Laptop Lock Answered

I want to put a security lock on my laptop...but I mean a literal lock. As in I have to put in a number on a digital combination lock to even open the laptop. Are there any locks like that that I could attach to my comp?


mod it to a slim perspex case that snap fits to the computer now from distance it'll look glossy like those new laptops but its still ultra breakable

you can put it in a box that is locked you can set a boot up password in the bios you can use features given by the trasted computing system (if there is one in your laptop) but they are more likely to lock you outside without possibility to get back in - than to protect it from some1 else if you can insert a cd and press the power switch with a ruler you dont need to open the computer to damage it or to dump its contents to a usb drive

No, I mean a literal combination lock. I just like the appeal of having to open a lock or use one of those fingerprint scanners to even open up the laptop...it just makes it all the more awesome. Plus, I have no idea how to set up boot passwords.

you can make a hard envelope with combination lock and put the computer in modding the computer itself is more problematic since you have very little space inside where the slide lock is. thin things break or flex easily modding is also hard or impossible to undo so i'd not go for it easy mods you can do is something light that holds the slider in place or a secret button (like rewiring the power button to somewhere else). you can make the power button look like a fingerprint reader. i dont expect them to be any more secure than a 1-digit binary combination lock (aka on off switch) you can lock it as much as you wish in software. setting a bootloader password depends on the os you want. login passwords protect the computer nearly as well and are trivial to setup. the login screen can be themed and designed in quite cool ways my advice about computer security is - your computer is protected too much if you forgot the password and cannot recover it with local access to the computer and bootable cd your friend wants to use the computer while you are away and a sticky note with the password left by you is not enough fingerprint readers are bad. they do protect the computer in case you want your friend to log in. they dont really protect the computer though. and if the computer gets infected your print can easily leak to anywhere else ps yay for the hacker logo !

Thanks for the advice!

And yeah, I wanted a logo that would look good in a tiny space, and a logo that accurately represented my love of computer/hacker culture, so there ya have it!