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Live Images from Austin Maker Faire Answered

I've set my Eye-fi card to automatically upload images as I take them from Maker Faire. Follow along and see what I see through my Flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ewilhelm/

I will periodically transfer the good images here.

Check out the best of Austin Maker Faire here:


Woot! I was there! Words can only hint at how awesome it was...
After tracking down there booth (wasn't to hard, I know the fairgrounds pretty well), Eric spotted me and we exchanged pleasantries. I went to go watch a robot fight but soon returned. I met Lamedust, Fungus, Noahw, and Christy (she recognized me!!) and had great fun hanging around the table, managing to answer questions from people. Eric gave me a tshirt and patch, and I got a look at the book, which looks really good BTW. I was a wee bit spaced out as I was recovering from both sleep deprivation as well as a headache, so hopefully I wasn't to weird... Eric showed me the data dumps to see how many accounts there where (something like 700k I think), as well as to see who logs in the most (I can't remember). I advised Ed (Fungus) on good swimming holes, ate orange M&M's, and had an awesome time. Hopefully they'll get my with Eric picture up...

YOU CAN'T REMEMBER?!?!?!?!?!?!?OMG!!! I've been wanting to know that for AGES!!!

The person with the most log in's was a script, but rest assured, your amongst the 100 most log in's (I'm not, cuz I never log out), just behind GMiko.

I'm gona talk to zachinme about a script to log me in a 100,000 times to replace the usurper...

D'you think they'd tell me if I Pmed rachel or somebody?

If they tell you, post it as a thread.

Unless I'm really low down, then keep it under your fedora.

All righty.

Betcha I'm in the top 5, or 10 at least...seriously...if I'm not, and lots of people log in way more than me, we have some SERIOUS addicts on here...

Speaking of fedoras, did you ever find your dream fedora?

Mee too, at least 5 hours a day. Sometimes 8 or more!

On weekends I sometimes go 12+ hours a day

Wow. I log in every chanct' I get. Some people must live on here...

Strolls past in towelling robe, drying hair ... Has anybody seen my clean socks?

I'm fairly sure there's some round the back...

hair to spare. Its there, and there and over there. Its everywhere, except up there.... Believe me, I know the feeling LOL although my back doesn't look like that, I am afraid that in a few years my ears will *sigh*

That looks more like an exo-arterial tree, rather then hair.... :-)

Hahahahhahha. I must say Kiteman, that was excellent.

Haha...I know who's the top non-script cheating poster...

I got distracted by finding my dream car. I washed him yesterday. I didn't just wash him, I polished him. All my last car got was a hose-down when it got hard to see out the back window...

You have fairly inexpensive tastes-my dream car is a red Ferrari...

So what is the dream fedora?

Not really a fedora, more an Australian bush hat.

those are neat (I'm a gona add one to my collection sooner or later), leather or felt?

you know writing small isn't a bad idea, it saves space...

How do they count? I mean, about the only time I actually log out is when the instructables-side server gets reloaded with new code.

I believe each time someone enters in name and pword... I don't think you were on the list...

Christy (she recognized me!!)

Hmm, by the time I get to do anything like that, I will be recognizable by the wheel chair with the rocket boosters on it ;-)

Haha, Make had a road legal rocket skateboard...

I will bu much too old for a skateboard by then :-)

Aw. Aw well, congradulations! Hope you really enjoyed it! You had an opportunity not many have.

GAVE YOU A T-SHIRT?!?!?!?! *hunts for Eric's address because he didn't give me a t-shirt when I was at the HQ....*

Well... technically I won one from the Burning Questions, and I never sent in for my patch, tshirt and bumper sticker...

Wait... No, Christy just gave me a Halloween 2007 shirt; the one that Lamedust is wearing.