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Live instructabling! Answered

As a bit of fun, I'm Tweeting the progress of my next batch of beer, announcing each stage, and the occasional photo.

My Twitter name is @KitemanX, and I'm using the hashtag #BrewDay.

If it's succesful, I may do it again, or I may not. Fickle, aren't I?

Oh, and I'm tweaking my original recipe, which can be found here: 



The new brew is published!


when will you start drinking it and singing Barbra Streisand with a lamp shade on your head?

LOL, about 18-20 days before it's ready to drink, and a day or two after that before I publish the instructable.

I wasn't going to post the new beer at first, but I've tweaked the process to be much less demanding of your time (the first batch tied me to the kitchen for about 12 hours, but the tweaks shorten that by about two thirds), and the smell during cooking promises a much different flavour.

And, what the heck, there's a home-brew contest on at the moment. ;-)

its been 24 days, i noticed with beer that it doesn't drink itself. Are you waiting for NASCAR to come on TV?



I see'd it. What would you compare it to? The king of beers budweiser?

Oh, no, far darker and heavier.

Bud is a beer for swinging in quantity, without thinking about the beer, but No2 demands thought.

I'm still battling with the carbonation, though. I could add fizz artificially, but I refuse to do that.

Haha, no, I had some contamination issues, had to start again.

The wort is cooling now, before I add yeast.

It's interesting to read the other tweets from folk using the #BrewDay tag - the world is full of craft brewers!