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Living Wall, anyone ever done one? Answered

Has anyone ever done one of these? I'm looking for a cheap and green way to make one of these planters shown here: http://www.eltlivingwalls.com/photo_gallery.php I was thinking this could be done with an old hardware organizer and some pvc, but I don't think I'd be able to find any large enough to put any decent plants in. Any help would be awesome...



I'll be honest, I've never done this and I probably wouldn't have a clue, but.... You're supposed to be able to make "hang up" green walls. What you do is get a special kind of foam that absorbs water and lets plants grow in it, I've seen some down at Bunnings Warehouse (hardware store), wrap some of that green shade cloth around it and secure it in place, (one of those hard core staple guns?) attach a string to the back and hang it up. I'm not sure precisely how you germinate seeds in it, but it's supposed to work. Of course you'd need to do a bit of research as to what plants you could grow on it, but with a bit of perserverence you should do it! Regards, Kryptonite.

How about taking empty water bottles or soda cans/bottles and cutting out a portion to where they are like a little trough with a back cover. Drill some holes for drainage and attach it to a piece of lattice fencing with zip-ties, wire or nuts/bolts. You may get some open spaces in the "matrix" but that should fill in when the plants grow out. Good luck.

Hmm, I suppose I could always cut the tops & bottoms off of the cans and use them and the plastic to form it I guess. Hmm, that's an awful lot of work though... Thanks though, I'll consider it.

Maybe you can go to a soda distributor to see if you can get those "flats" or pallet like things that are used to display rows and rows of bottles. You would just need to cut the tops off and polyurethane glue the bottoms of the 2-liter bottles to the case.