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Locate The Instructables Servers !!! Answered

I have Firefox 3.0 and an add-on that tells me the location of the websites servers and displays it on Google maps, Here is what came up when i searched for instructables servers :

Eric Has confirmed this location and he also says they wear 10 Gallon hats :D

P.s. i know this is super geeky :P


I can confirm that our servers are in Dallas.

So Squid Labs/Instructables is in Calafornia, but the servers are in Dallas? Explain that.

I'm not very far from Dallas actually. couple minutes and I'm there.

I just went through Dallas on my way to/back from Florida

If THIS is the guy running the instructables servers, im afraid we may not last very long........ probably try to ride it ....


Actually this time it wasn't him... I... Well... Got a bit carried away and... errrr....

Yea :D, its best in Ireland and south wales, England they use the gas pumps in the pubs and its crap

*Guinness* I'm sure it's something safe like Iced tea. *He told me all about pitchers 'o Guinness on his orangeboard*

Errr other people guessed: Motor oil Coke Coffee Grape juice Tea Black aftershock (it's like purple only harder to make) - Note must make a jug of after shock, may die...

I'm in Dallas!

I'm near the servers... I am not worthy...

Great! I'll call you when they need a new power supply or something.

Somebody's a Stalker....LOL..... COOL

. I think they moved the servers to the DFW area a month or so ago.

No, it's in San Francisco. That's probably their ISP.