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Lock Pick Set? Answered

i need help making a lock pick set, i can NOT use paperclips, they don"t work for me. it needs to be INEXPENSIVE, i have seen many types, but it needs to be easy to make. the materials need to be objects that i can get from an average hard ware store, any suggestions? 


When I made tools years ago as a teenager, I used the blades of cheap "paring knives" from a dollar store. These are flat bladed knives the are usually used for applying butter, etc. I used them because they were flat, with a thickness that worked well in common lockes (about 1/32").

You will need an electric grinder to make them into the lockpick shape. Stainless is very hard, which is why it works pretty well for lock picks, but it will be harder to machine into the desired shape.

Another material to use would be hacksaw blades. Again, these are fairly hard, and will have to be formed with an electric grinder.

For the tension wrenches, pick up cheap allen wrenches and grind down the sides as needed to fit into the lock. They already have the 90 degree bend.

Another material to use is music wire, which is stiff spring steel wire sold in most hobby stores, in various diameters. Bend into a right angle and grind the sides down flat as needed.

I saw some videos a while ago on lock picking (seems there are whole competitions around lock picking). The guy in the video said he made his own picks out of the metal bit of wind-shield wipers. Find some old wipers and tear them down. There should be a thin straight piece of steel in them which can be shaped with a dremel into diverse picking tools.

Depends on the lock... There are MANY types of locks, therefore many types of lock pick tools. In general they are made with high grade hardened steel to prevent breakage, but what's probably the most important... The ability to know how to use them!

the types of locks on doors are the ones i'm going to pick. and i might need a site to learn how to use them, i am Not going to use them for evil purposes

Look over here ==========>
or just search the site for lock picks or lock pick sets.


The answer is "Spring Steel". The bristles from most street-sweepers are great, easy to grind, and work wonderfully in my experience.

Go slow, don't let the metal get hot or it will lose its temper (strength/spring) and go brittle.

That said, an entry level 5-15 piece south-ord set will only be about 20 dollars these days. Even less if you go 'made in china' crap :)