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Lockheed Hybrid Blimp Answered

Looks like it gets some lift from forward motion, some from propellers, and some from buoyancy.


Hi folks,
The official designation of this type of flying machine is a hybrid air vehicle or HAV for short. The first real contract for the US Army has gone to Northrop Grumman and Hybrid Air vehicles in England, they are now contructing the HAV 304, which will be twice the length of the biggest blimp and three times the width. The HAV 304 will make its first flight from Tillamook Oregon next summer and deploy to Afghanistan at the end of 2011.
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Regards JB

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That is the COOLEST thing ever!!!

cool. I personally hate helicopters, but these could be used for the same type of applications.

I am a big fan of lighter-than-air flight in general - potentially so much greener than 'planes and helicopters (eg just cover the topside in solar cells to run it on electricity).

I think that the four circular pads are the big news of this craft - they hold the blimp down so that it doesn't need hundreds of handlers and a specially-built mooring pylon, which means that they can use ordinary airport facilities.

Frpm Aviation Week:

The P-791 uses four air cushions as landing gear, located on the outer lobes. Taxiing the vehicle could be like flying a hovercraft, except one with greater exposure to winds. An advantage of the air cushions is they could be reversed to suck the aircraft onto the ground to resist winds for cargo operations.

That's just freaky... :O

They had these in some magazine a while back, I forgot which one--It gets about two-thirds of the lift from helium, and the rest from the lifting-body design. They were envisioning them carrying air-to-surface missiles high over enemy territory and shooting anything suspicious, or carrying high-paying passengers in leisurely comfort.


10 years ago

Holy Poop that's cool! I've always wanted a ride in a dirigible.