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OK so I'm a new member. I'm trying to vote for some contests. ill be logged in and then ill go to the voting page and it will log me out. i try to log back in and nothing happens and i stay logged out. then i go to a different instructable page and log in and it works. this happens on all contest pages. I'm sure I'm using the right user name and password cause i looked and then typed and even copied and pasted. It is only on the contest page. PLS HELP


That sometimes happens when you have an old cookie from the last time you logged in, or having a browser add-on that stops the page from loading completely. You can try

Disabling any script blocking add-ons to your browser, like Ad-Block, GreaseMonkey, or LastPass
Making sure you have cookies enabled for your browser
Clearing your browser's cache

After, refresh Instructables.com and try logging in again.


4 years ago

I can't log in to a web site called (see below) It may be that comments or replies are closed? I wanted to reply to a comment and it looped me around to log in and around and around. I logged out, back in... so not sure what is going on. I see here I am allowed "in". (I have done or do constantly all that mikeasaurus mentions)

Except if I try to refresh I lose the actual page - I did a search and it does not come up and there are too many sites/pages so on to look in each area. So I go back to the link below which I found when searching for transfer solvents.

Is there a way to search from "home page" (an index not HUGE photos) to find fast the same topic?

Thanks for any assistance.


See my comment above about clearing your cache and disabling browser add-ons

Log in then refresh and you should be able to access contests voting etc etc

I am continually having problems logging in. it show me as logged in...but when I try to vote or save or download or favor something... it won't let me and shows I am not logged in... thanks...love the site!

Try all of the things in my previous comment. Then refresh your browser and try logging in again.

Try all of the things in my previous comment. Then refresh your browser and try logging in again.

Im having that prob now. I wont take my password or reset code since I upgraded my browser

This is happening to me too! I wanted to write a private message to someone to ask a question. as soon as i click on that persons profile it logs me out of my account and wont let me log back in