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Yesterday when I tried to log in, it said my password was incorrect.  I am sure it was not.  So I had to do the reset login thing where they send a message to your email.  That message had a 21 length temporary password with letters and numbers!  21 characters!!  You would think I was trying to break into Hillary Clinton's email!!!

I got logged in, changed my password.  Later in the afternoon, the same exact thing happened, with the new password.  Once again I received an email with a new 21 character temp password!!  After a couple tries I was able to get logged in and once again created another new password....
This morning, same thing!  Only this time I logged in with Google+, so I was able to log in.  But I am on my regular computer, if I try on my tablet, I can't get logged in at all!  Not even with the 21 character temp password.....I am still amazed it takes 21 characters to change a password....I think Instructables.com  can make it easier, if they can't,  maybe they can get instructions from someone on Instructables.com!

BTW, I would of brought this to the attention of someone under the "Contact" category but if I clicked on any of the emails given, they would not work.  Yes I could of logged into my email and typed in their email and sent it that way.  But at this point I am tired of going back & forth so much with this website.

I really enjoy this website and wish some things were not so complicated.
Thank you.




3 years ago

I'm sorry that the automated password reset system has given you so much trouble! We can reset your password manually, which should clear things up pretty easily.

If you would, email us at service@instructables.com and we'll jump right on it for you! :)


Reply 3 years ago

Thank you for your quick response! I will email.